Volunteering is a key and pivotal service, which contributes to making Iona’s community such a wonderful and special place.

Iona has a strong community focus, as a College we work with, support and help to embed our Values of Celebrate, Foster, Enhance and Strengthen into our community. 

For 60 years Iona has relied upon Volunteers.  We are grateful for your assistance and contribution to our community.  Our Volunteering program is underpinned by safety for our students and community.  Thank you for offering your support to our students and community and we appreciate all the time and effort that it takes in making Iona such a safe and wonderful place for our students.

Iona College adheres to the Volunteering Australia National Standards.  Volunteering Australia is the national peak body for volunteering, working to advance volunteering in the Australian community.  Find out more about Volunteering Australia and their values.

To express your interest in volunteering

Thank you for taking the time to complete Iona’s Volunteering Registration Process.  We appreciate all the hard work it takes in completing this process.  On completion of this process you will be provided with a Volunteer ID Card.  Please carry this card with you at all times when engaging in Iona volunteering activities.

Please ensure you are familiar with the current Policies and Procedures:

We look forward to you being a part of our special community.  Thank you for your community spirit and the time and commitment you are offering to the college.

There are many volunteer opportunities at Iona