Prosper Wellbeing Curriculum


Flourish mentally and physically | Grow to be Iona strong

Wellbeing at Iona College is based on the Positive Education Model to encourage and support students and staff to flourish. The program being delivered to students focuses on specific skills that will assist them to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

It is our hope that students not only experience a positive school culture and environment, they are also taught how to enhance their personal wellbeing, deal with life’s challenges, live a life of meaning and purpose, strengthen their relationships with others and God. Such lessons set students up to prosper both here and beyond the gates of Iona College. The Positive Education Model developed for Iona outlines seven specific areas.


Guiding students to develop positivity skills and experience positive emotions such as gratitude and mindfulness.


Supporting students to develop the skills and attitudes that underpin resilient behaviour.


The provision of an optimal learning environment to enhance student outcomes and accomplishment.


Developing personal character strengths and promoting a growth mindset.

Purpose and Meaning

Supporting students to develop a sense of purpose, meaning and faith.


Encouraging and tracking student engagement in a variety of college activities.

Relationships and Respect

Supporting students to develop the social skills and pro-social values that underpin positive relationships.