Prayer and Spirituality

Prayer is putting oneself into the hands of God.

Students and staff at Iona College are actively encouraged not to seek a life as  passive, one-dimensional consumers.

Instead, we are all challenged to become self-reflective, successful contributing citizens with a strong faith and an informed moral conscience.

Spirituality is the personal quality where reflection and activities can heighten deep feelings and beliefs of a spiritual or religious nature and developing this sense of interiority and centredness can be helpful in the development of a well-rounded character. Ideally, a grounded Australian knows who they are individually and who they are before God.  St Eugene de Mazenod challenged people to Learn who you are in the eyes of God”.

Closely related to this, prayer is a way of communicating and deepening a relationship with God. It is a way of expressing who we are and what is in our heart and it is a way of reflecting on the goodness of God, as well as seeking his guidance and help.

Therefore, as a school based on a religious philosophy, prayer and spirituality are valued at Iona College as personal qualities and life skills for mature faith people.