Dynamic Catholic Learning Community

Iona College seeks to provide a dynamic Catholic learning community within the Oblate spirit, so that its members are faith-filled, resilient, courageous, well-balanced and prepared to make a difference.

Holistic Approach

The College’s holistic approach to education includes faith development, personal growth, physical development, social and emotional growth, skill development, academic achievement and an appreciation of the arts.

This approach is achieved only with the cooperation and support of staff, parents and students.

Iona College seeks to develop a happy, caring and safe environment in which learning can take place. This is facilitated by an emphasis upon close and supportive relationships between staff and students in both the formal and informal learning situations. We see a partnership between school and parents as the optimum situation in which the boys can develop.

We understand that the dreams and talents of each student are unique…

Iona College understands that the dreams and talents of each student are unique, therefore courses and curricula, wherever possible, are designed to meet the needs of each boy. Individual monitoring and flexibility in curriculum design are important features of the College.

Our Charter is a statement of Oblate Catholic Education as applied to the culture and ethos of Iona College.