Visible Wellbeing

Visible Wellbeing combines the science of wellbeing with the science of learning and teaching.

Iona is making the wellbeing conversation common and visible.

Visible Wellbeing COVID-19 resources are available for Iona families on Compass.


VWB is an approach to teaching that makes the very act of teaching itself a factor that builds student wellbeing. This approach has been developed by Professor Lea Waters from the University of Melbourne who is a world leading researcher and practitioner in the field of positive psychology.

Visible Wellbeing combines the science of wellbeing with the science of learning to achieve the three key goals of:

  • helping students and staff to more clearly see their own and others’ wellbeing using VWB practices;
  • helping students and staff more systematically build wellbeing using the SEARCH framework;
  • facilitating learning through the visible wellbeing classroom process.

Visible Wellbeing is not a set curriculum, it is a flexible approach which can be applied across any subject matter, and in all contexts – primary, secondary, and in the staff room. With the VWB approach, academic learning and wellbeing are truly integrated. VWB complements our existing PROSPER student wellbeing program which is delivered in the fortnightly PROSPER lesson.

Visible Wellbeing is our approach to creating resilient, happy and successful young men

The goal through the Visible Wellbeing approach is to make wellbeing visible so that we can proactively intervene and make changes in our students’ lives and our own. We do this through acknowledging the negative, but specifically working to amplify the positives and increase overall wellbeing with students and staff consciously thinking about what they SEE, HEAR and FEEL in all situations.


Visible wellbeing is how we support every boy at Iona to prosper by being intentionally aware of his own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.