Here to talk

Here to talk

Iona College provides a high-quality professional counselling service to assist students, parents and families with a variety of emotional, social and cognitive issues. The counsellors are all registered psychologists, and possess extensive experience working with young people and their parents in an educational context. They are also trained to assist people experiencing both acute and chronic life stresses.

The counsellors liaise closely with the College Leadership Team, Year Level Coordinators, Heads of House, Wellbeing staff and teachers in the overall pastoral care of students and families. They also work collaboratively with the Diverse Learning staff to assist in supporting the social and emotional needs of students.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a way of helping people to express themselves, resolve problems, learn new skills, make decisions and take action whilst feeling supported.

Counselling is a collaborative process that involves the development of a helping relationship. The counsellor acts as a facilitator in helping students to understand feelings, behaviours, relationships with others, situations, choices and decisions.

The counsellor offers a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment in which students can gain clarity on an issue, receive support, deal with difficult emotions and develop new skills.


  • Short-term counselling to students about academic, social, emotional, behavioural, family and personal issues
  • Consultation to support families and caregivers
  • Consultation to staff in supporting student wellbeing
  • Referral to and liaison with support agencies and other professionals
  • Support and input into pastoral care programs and staff growth coaching


The College counsellors are bound by ethics and law to maintain client confidentiality. This means that conversations between counsellors and students are private. Counsellors are unable to speak to others about what students have disclosed in a counselling session unless the student gives permission to the counsellor.

However, there are limits to keeping information confidential.

Confidential information must be disclosed if there is a significant risk of harm to the client or to any other person, or there is a legal requirement to disclose information.

In most instances, a collaborative relationship between students, parents and teachers is sought with the student’s permission. As registered psychologists, the College Counsellors abide by the Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines outlined by the Australian Psychological Society.

To make an appointment with an Iona College Counsellor, parents or students can speak with their Homeroom Mentor, Head of House, Year Level Coordinator or Head of Wellbeing.

Parents and students are also welcome to contact the Iona College Counsellors directly.



Please be aware that we do not access emails or phone messages outside of school hours, or on the school holidays. We will return contact as soon as possible during term times and school hours.

If you have an emergency please call 000.

Should you require assistance outside of term times or school hours please seek assistance from your GP or nearest Hospital Emergency Department.

You can also engage support from 24/7 crisis phone services such as:

Lifeline 13 11 14

Kids Helpline 1800 551 800