Grow as a lifelong learner

Iona College provides a caring, safe and engaging environment in which learning takes place.

We value scholarship highly and strive to empower students by nurturing a love of lifelong learning. A supportive relationship between staff and students in both formal and informal learning situations is our means to success.

Academic success comes from creativity, collaboration and attention to detail

Our curriculum provides a wide range of opportunities to cultivate the individual talents of each boy. We understand that the dreams and talents of each student are unique and that flexible delivery and individual course design are essential to positive student outcomes.

An important feature of academic formation is the development of individual initiative, self-reliance and self-motivation and we encourage students to be active participants in their own learning. Individual monitoring and goal setting are features of our academic program and staff work closely with students to reflect, plan and pursue academic objectives.

Student learning is fostered through classroom activities that are enjoyable, stimulating and authentic.

Academics at Iona College are underpinned by our participation in the Visible Wellbeing program.  We share the belief that students and staff achieve better when their wellbeing is a consideration.