Enrichment & Enhancement

A mind stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.

Our academic faculties offer a vast array of clubs and activities designed to facilitate extension while providing opportunities for students to work interdependently with peers of similar interests, aspirations and abilities.

In the context of differentiated curriculum, enrichment opportunities and international competitions, students’ understandings, skills, dedication and enjoyment strengthen.

Enrichment and Enhancement Program
Students interact with ideas for jobs that haven't been invented yet.

Students interact with ideas for jobs that haven’t been invented yet.

Identified students are invited to be part of Iona’s dynamic extension program. Students are challenged and extended within their classroom as well as through participation in a range of activities and opportunities such as the da Vinci Decathlon, Optiminds, the QUT Engineering Challenge, Engineers Australia spaghetti bridge building competition and the Voices on the Coast Literature Festival.

Years 5 and 6 Enrichment

Our enrichment program in Years 5 and 6 expands upon the core curriculum to include activities, opportunities and programs not available within the national curriculum units. Based on units in the arts, robotics, science and technology, the timetabled program is characterised by hands on learning activities that inspire critical and creative thinking, opportunities for students to investigate problems and modes of participation that foster originality and imagination.

Mathematics Enrichment

Aspiring mathematics students are given the opportunities and the skills required to compete with, and become, the very best mathematicians in Australia.  This area has seen some of Iona College’s greatest mathematicians complete courses and study in advance of their age groups. To date they have been outstandingly successful, with peers represented among the most notable of the professions, including a Rhodes Scholar.

Creative Arts

Iona’s Creative and Visual Arts Program develops creative and critical thought processes by providing students with a vehicle to conceptualise, explore and develop their creativity. Drama students develop performance and production skills, showcasing their talents in the annual college production. The Visual Arts Program includes an after-school club where students can immerse themselves in a range of specialised art disciplines, including the ever-popular photography, and exhibit their work at the college’s annual art show.

Science and Technology
Teamwork tackles big problems.

Teamwork tackles big problems.

Students in Years 9 and 10 with an aspiring interest and ability in the sciences can participate in a range of programs.  Participation in a range of science programs, including the Science and Engineering Challenge and Titration Competition, provide students with the opportunity to engage with thought-provoking material. Iona’s Robotics Program allows students to build important 21st century skills including problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork participation. Students combine science, technology, maths and engineering concepts to research and design solutions to problems, and design and build robots that perform a series of activities. Teams participate in the Robocup Junior Australia competition at state and national level.


Japanese students participate in a range of cultural and educational activities that foster their personal development in a supportive environment including the Language Perfect Competition and social events with language students from other colleges. Opportunities also exist to participate in a Japanese immersion weekend and periodic tours to Japan.


Students from Years 5 to 12 participate in the ICAS English, Mathematics and Science Competitions. The Maths Team Challenge provides an arena for team problem solving in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Readers Cup Competitions challenge students to read widely, work collaboratively in a team and continue developing a love of reading. In the senior years, the annual mooting competition introduces our students to the courtroom environment, challenging them to prepare, articulate and defend complex arguments.