The Catholic Church

Founded by Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church is universal and international.

It is apostolic in nature, mission-oriented, united in essential beliefs, sent out to serve the whole world and is available to all who seek full membership.

With the person and teachings of Christ at its centre, the Catholic Church has a very long history and tradition of worship, mission, community and charitable works. It assists people on many levels from individuals to whole communities, it has a wide variety of agencies and it continues to make contributions to the world though guidance, witness and its overall mission.

It is valued by its members, it has an inclusive ecumenical relationship with other Christian denominations and it maintains a rich inter-faith relationship with non-Christian religions.

Characterised by its unity, the Catholic Church is simultaneously diverse, having many dimensions, contexts, works and spiritual traditions, all with Christ at the centre.

By being part of the Oblate Catholic tradition, it is hoped that we at Iona may be enriched by our particular religious pathway, while contributing to the mission of the universal Catholic Church.