Our Onboarding and Induction Process

The best employer inductions start before the successful candidate joins our employment.  Iona College’s recruitment, onboarding and induction process has been designed with relationships and transparency at the forefront.

Post successful reference checks and appropriate third-party checks, an offer may be made verbally.  This verbal offer is complemented with the following documentation being emailed and/or securely posted:

  • Letter of Appointment and Contract of Employment
  • National Employment Standards statement
  • Link to EBA with reference to remuneration pages
  • Code of Conduct
  • Iona College Annual Calendar
  • New Employee Details Form and Tax Form to be completed and returned
Once You Have Accepted Your Role

A further meeting prior to your start date is generally held to:

  • Allow the line manager and any appropriate peers/stakeholders/ allocated buddy to meet you in a more information and informational manner
  • Issue any ICT equipment to you no more than two weeks prior to your commencement date

Induction is a supportive way to train, check-in and ensure you have all the support required within your first four to six weeks of employment to understand your role and the required standards of performance.  This also includes the College Values, Mission and Oblate charism.

A preliminary Human Resources and Risk and Compliance Induction may take place prior to your first day should you start off the Semester run Induction Cycle, during or just prior to Terms 2 or 3.

At the start of each semester, all new staff who have started within the calendar year in which the semesters fall, will be invited to a full day induction.

During your induction, a full induction pack will be provided to you.  This will include the College’s Frequently Asked Questions/Induction Programme, Student Protection Procedure, Safeguarding Policy, Workplace Health and Safety (Emergency) procedures and other supporting policies and information.

Ongoing Support Once You’ve Started

Post your induction you will be invited to a series of weekly afterschool training sessions which provide additional information support in the following:

  • Information Communication Technology, Daily Organisation and other school-based systems
  • Behaviour Management and Pastoral/Home Group Overview
  • Pedagogy and Professional Growth Overview
  • Risk and Compliance Refresher
  • Reporting Requirements and Techniques


Additional “meet and greets” with the following individuals and teams are also provided:

  • Social Club Overview
  • Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) Coordinator Introduction (for QCT annual process and Graduate support)
  • Library Information Session
  • Pathways Team overview (Careers, Learning Support and Enrichment)
  • Union Introduction
Probation Check-In Meetings

Our probation process is designed to be supportive and collaborative throughout your first three (3) to six (6) months.  All new employees (*with the exclusion of casual staff and/or short-term fixed-term contractors with employment less than three (3) months) will have a probation period clearly outlined in their Contract of Employment.  Probation is a continuation of the recruitment, selection and induction process. It is a period during which new employees are:

  • met with by your line manager and buddy on a regular and informal basis;
  • surveyed via a Six (6) Week Check-In meeting with human resources to ensure that the College has fully supported employees with their induction training.

During the probation period new employees’ work performance, attendance, conduct and attitude are assessed by your relevant Position of Leadership/ line manager.  Performance milestones or goals are generally loosely set with you in the first two to four weeks of employment.  Following the Six (6) Week Check-in meeting, further check-in meetings are scheduled at the three and/or five month point of employment.

Before these check-in meetings, your manager will meet with you to set the criteria and goals that they will assess your probationary performance against.  A collaborative discussion is then held between you and your line manager, with another leader (whether Middle Leader or Iona Leadership Team member) present as a supportive measure.

Towards the end of the probationary period and after the three (3) and/or five (5) month check-in (relevant to your contractual probationary period) your probationary outcome will be confirmed to you in writing.

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