Iona fosters an energetic workplace in a dynamic educational environment.

Our Beliefs

Our vision is to be inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the life of St Eugene de Mazenod. The Iona College community focusses on educating and empowering young men to dare to make a positive difference throughout their lives and to the lives of others.

Our mission is to live, learn, lead and serve as a Catholic learning community within the Oblate spirit.


Our Strategic Plan

The College Board and College consulted over the strategic plan for 2017-2020. This document has been the result of genuine consultation and dialogue and we are very pleased with the final outcome.

The themes of Live, Learn, Lead and Serve are key messages.  A significant effort has gone into ensuring that the plan is accessible, aspirational and that we are accountable.

Iona College Strategic Plan


In Living, Learning, Leading and Serving We Value…

Human Dignity and Reconciliation

Ionians walk with each other, recognise and celebrate the unique God-given dignity of each person and develop the courage to stand up for justice. We respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first people to call Australia home and embrace multiculturalism and reconciliation for all people.

Excellence and Aspiration

Ionians encourage, support and challenge themselves and others to strive for personal excellence in learning and to live as a people of hope and conviction throughout their lives both locally and globally.

The Oblate Charism

Ionians embrace the life and spirit of St Eugene de Mazenod; with the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate we reach out and serve those most in need in our communities.


Conscious and appreciative of our heritage, Ionians continue to be generous and act responsibly with resources. We plan prudently for our future, respecting and nurturing our local community and environment.

Faith and Mission

As Ionians we are passionate and full of zeal; we are formed by the Gospel, celebrate the Eucharist and promote prayer in order to contribute to the evangelising mission of the Catholic Church locally and internationally.


Ionians foster a sense of belonging and inclusion that creates openness, acceptance and loyalty, enabling us to serve respectfully and P.R.O.S.P.E.R.


A Catholic College in the Oblate Tradition

Our staff are committed to the learning of each student

Iona College is an independent Catholic Boys School, owned and administered by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.  Iona adapts a safety-first approach, where safeguarding our community is paramount. It is located in the Brisbane bayside suburb of Lindum and caters for some 1720 students from Years 5 to 12 inclusive.

Students are drawn from a large area of Brisbane, although most come from the local surrounding Bayside areas.  With a strong academic program, the College focusses on providing pathways for students of all abilities. Approximately 75% of the students completing Year 12 continue on to tertiary study.

The presence of the Oblate community anchors the school in the charism of St Eugene de Mazenod OMI.  This gives testimony to the richness of the Catholic tradition and invites and supports growth in faith development. Mass is celebrated daily in the College chapel.

The Oblate charism also calls the college community to foster a sense of belonging and engagement among all families, build a strong spirit within the student body, and encourage a sense of community and of being a team among all staff.

Iona College has a strong co-curricular program.  It is a member of the Association of Independent Colleges (AIC) providing outstanding sporting opportunities for students.  Additionally, over 500 students participate in arts and music programs.


The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

St Eugene de Mazenod OMI

Responding to the needs of the truly spiritually needy – prisoners, youth, servants and country villagers, Fr Eugene de Mazenod called together a group of priests whose main purpose would be to preach the Gospel to the poor working people of southern France. Other priests, drawn by the work of these men, soon joined the group and in 1826 they received papal approval as a Religious Congregation under the patronage of Mary Immaculate.

Fr Eugene de Mazenod OMI eventually became the Bishop of Marseilles, and he began to send his missionaries overseas to proclaim the Gospel to the world’s farthest ends. At his death in 1861, 400 Oblates were working in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Today, over 3,500 Oblate priests and brothers work in 67 countries, on every continent.

St Eugene de Mazenod’s story


Working at Iona

Iona College employs approximately 120 teaching staff, and 115 school and services officer staff (other professional staff).  Our Teaching staff work closely with a number of other professional staff in areas such as our Corporate Services team (maintenance and grounds, risk and compliance, human resources, information communications technology, canteen and catering, uniform shop, finance, technical events and general administration support). Other key services include library, archives, pathways (learning support, careers and enrichment), counselling.  All staff play a valuable role in enabling the College to deliver a very high standard of education and pastoral support to its students.

Iona College believes that an important feature of academic performance is the development of individual initiative, self-reliance and self-motivation, academic buoyancy and we encourage students to be active participants in their own learning. Individual monitoring and goal setting are important features of the College’s academic program.  Staff work closely with students to reflect, plan and pursue academic objectives.

All staff at Iona strive and excel in their areas of speciality with a commitment to the growth of each student and a sincere loyalty to our community.  Whether this is in the primary, middle or senior years; or whether within support teams such as working on the grounds or in our retail businesses, we lead, serve and work as a close knit and trusted community.  Enabling members of our community to make a positive difference throughout their lives and the lives of others.


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Our facilities allow our staff to enjoy all aspects of Iona College on one campus.  This includes our College chapel, state of the art learning spaces and technologies, library, art precinct with display gallery, lecture theatre, multipurpose hall, 50 metre swimming pool, six ovals, basketball courts and tennis centre.  The College has an impressive performing arts centre.

Construction has commenced on the Provence Centre, a brand new gathering space designed to allow the Iona community to gather and engage together.  Scheduled for completion in May 2021, the Centre will include multipurpose sports courts, flexible tiered seating, canteen facilities, changerooms, amenities and breakout spaces for additional learning and community events.


Visible Wellbeing

Iona is proud to be a Visible Wellbeing school

Iona places wellbeing firmly at the heart of everything we do and Visible Wellbeing brings together best practice learning and teaching, with learning the skills and mindsets to prosper mentally and physically, while building healthy relationships.

At Iona we have been on a journey with Positive Education, via our PROSPER Program since 2014. In 2019 this was further complemented with the addition of a partnership with Professor Lea Waters from the University of Melbourne and Visible Wellbeing. The College approach places wellbeing firmly at the heart of everything we do and Visible Wellbeing brings together best practice teaching and learning with learning the skills and mindsets to prosper mentally and physically.

The SEARCH Framework is at the heart of Visible Wellbeing (VWB). SEARCH represents Strengths, Emotional Management, Attention & Awareness, Relationships, Coping, Habits & Goals.

Central to the lens through which we see the Positive Education experience are Character Strengths.

Knowing our signature strengths and being able to skilfully apply them can have a significant positive impact on our lives. Research indicates that using our signature strengths can help us buffer against, manage and overcome challenges, improve our relationships and enhance our wellbeing.

Through our PROSPER Positive Education programme, all students have the opportunity to discover their signature strengths from the 24 Character Strengths through the Values in Action (VIA) Institute. A “strengths” laced language is enabling transformative conversations each day around the College, influencing choices, decisions and reshaping directions.

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Iona College welcomes applications from committed educators and professionals who wish to be part of a team that seeks to develop a caring, safe and supportive environment.


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Iona is a dynamic, vibrant workplace where staff are highly valued and respected for the gifts and talents they bring to the College community.

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