Year 5 Instrumental and Vocal Music Program

Music gives a Soul to the Universe

Musical training helps students to develop language and reasoning.

Music is a science – it is exact, specific and demands precise acoustic execution.
Music is mathematical – it is rhythmically based on the subdivision of time into fractions.
Music is a foreign language – a highly developed visual and aural shorthand that uses symbols to represent ideas.
Music is a physical education – it requires fantastic coordination of fingers, hands, arms, lip, cheek, facial and core body muscles which respond instantly to the sound the ear hears and the mind interprets.
Music is art – it allows a human being to take all these techniques to create emotion.


Introduction to the Year 5 Instrumental and Vocal Music Program

Whether your son has participated in music before or not, the Year 5 Instrumental and Vocal Music Program is the best pathway to become part of the musical life at Iona College.

In the first few weeks of Term 1, the boys will take part in aural tests and trials in each voice and instrument type to gauge their physical suitability.  Following this, an offer will be made to each student to learn a voice or instrument that gives them the best chance of success, based on their preferences, trial results, physical suitability, prior experience, and availability of places across the program.

Music participation is known to have multiple benefits for young minds, supporting physical and neurological development, mental health and social skills. It actively shapes students’ study skills through participation, strengthening their abilities in self-regulation, personal organisation and perseverance.  But more than this, being part of a musical ensemble provides a community that supports and encourages growth, leaving students with experiences that will last a lifetime.

For more details about the College’s music program, please refer to the Instrumental and Vocal Music Handbook on the Co-Curricular Music page or 07 3906 8908.


Music Fees

Enrolment in the Year 5 Instrumental and Vocal Music Program is a full year commitment, including one year of group lessons and participation in an ensemble (guitar ensemble, string ensemble, vocal ensemble or wind orchestra) during class time. The music fees, displayed below, are invoiced in semester instalments with school fees. The fees are current for 2022 and may be adjusted in future.

Group Lessons $670 per year

Instrument Hire $220 per year, when required

Percussion Levy $80 per year, when required


Please note: Iona College does not have guitars or bass guitars for hire.  Boys are expected to own their own guitars.

All sheet music and equipment packs will be available through the Music Department. Additional purchases may be made through the Uniform Shop or your local music store.  These packs contain the essential items for every beginner student as well as anything optional.  The basic packs range in price from approximately $30 – $90 depending on the instrument.

With access to the highest quality teachers in Queensland, this cost represents extremely high value and cost return compared to other schools or sourcing these resources and activities externally, reflecting our Oblate mission to make excellent education as accessible as possible.


Instrumental and Voice Options

Your son will have the opportunity to choose from the following instruments.  Please explore each of these demonstration videos together with your son and complete the confirmation of interest form below giving details of your son’s musical experiences to date and number your top seven preferences for voice and instrument types.  It is important to explore all the videos as there may be instrumental and vocal options you have not encountered on their own before and your son’s interest in how they sound can be a key determinant of success.


Please complete and submit your son’s preferences via this link:

Year 5 Instrumental and Vocal Music Program Form 2022


Year 5 Music Immersion Forms

Enrolment Form Year 5 Program

Book Packs

Alto Saxophone

Baritone Euphonium

Bass Clarinet

Bass Guitar




Double Bass


French Horn




Tenor Saxophone