Census Data Collection

Census Data Collection

The Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment (the department) would like to advise all parents and guardians that it collects certain information about your child’s school, its staff, and student body.

This information is collected by the department in accordance with the Australian Education Act 2013 (the Act) and the Australian Education Regulation 2013 (the Regulation). The Act and the Regulation require the legal entity responsible for the administration of the school (the Approved Authority) to provide certain information to the department. The department collects this information to:

  • Ensure the provision of Australian Government funding to schools is properly calculated and appropriately managed.
  • Conduct research, statistical analysis and develop school education policy for the Australian Government.
  • Meet national and international reporting obligations on school students in Australia.
  • Publish and provide information about schools to the public.

Please find attached the Commonwealth School Data Collection Notice 2021 for your information.