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The Uniform Shop carries a complete range of Iona formal and sporting uniforms, uniform accessories, and a large selection of stationery and school requirements.

There is an extensive selection of supporters’ merchandise also available including polo shirts (male and female versions), spray jackets, caps, scarves, ties, umbrellas, water bottles and lunch boxes. Students, families, Old Boys and staff  are welcome to purchase college branded items and show they are proud to be part of the Black and White team.


Old Boys Black and White Polo Shirts

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Black and White Supporters Merchandise

Terms 2 and 3

The Iona tie is a compulsory accessory to the winter uniform in Terms 2 and 3 for all students.

Years 11 and 12 students are required to wear long trousers with their blazer. Year 11 blazers are now available for collection.

Trousers may be worn by our younger students but are not compulsory for Year 5 – 10 students.

The Iona tracksuit may be worn in full or part, to and from weekend sport or sport training.  Year 5 and 6 students may wear the FULL tracksuit to and from school, with their House sport uniform underneath, ONLY on their allocated Year 5 (Thursday) or Year 6 (Wednesday) sport day during Terms 2 and 3.  Either part of the tracksuit may be removed during the day, however it must be worn in full to return home.

 2017 Book Lists and Stationery Requirements

Stationery and book requirements for each year level appears below.


Stationery Requirements

 Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

 Year 9

Year 10

 Year 11

 Year 12

The Black and White Shop is situated below the Fr Peter Daly Art Precinct.  Parking facilities are located adjacent to the Art Precinct accessed from the first left turn at the roundabout on the main College Driveway.


 (07) 3893 8863


Trading Hours

Monday            Closed

Tuesday            Closed

Wednesday     8:00am to 3:30pm

Thursday         8:00am to 3:30pm

Friday              8:00am to 3:30pm

Extended and special trading hours apply for the commencement of the school year and other situations.

June / July School Holidays          Closed

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