School Bus Passes 2018

School Bus Passes 2018

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and Transdev are planning next year’s influx of bus pass applications for students new to High School, Year 7 and students starting Prep and Year 1. New applications also includes those who have changed school or residential address since the end of the previous school year (2017).

To clarify, an application form must be completed by a parent/guardian if the student:

  • has not previously been issued a Transdev school bus pass
  • is changing school, including transitioning to high school
  • has changed residential address and Transdev has not been previously advised
  • has changed their name
  • has been advised that a previous application is no longer valid.

Students who do not fit in to any of the above categories will be issued a pass automatically, and do not have to submit a bus application form.

Please visit our website for further information on the School Transport Assistance Scheme.

Bus Pass Application Letter

Bus Travel Assistance Application

Don’t hesitate to call Transdev on 3248 6100 if you have any further enquiries.