Kia Kaha

Yura (Welcome) to all Ionians during this COVID-19 era. Our Iona culture was gifted with the New Zealand Maori value of Kia Kaha (Be Strong) in 1985 and it has been thoroughly absorbed into every aspect of our Iona culture.

This song is from a New Zealand group called Te Rautini based near Hamilton NZ. We reached out to them and they generously shared their music in order to help our community through these challenging times. This song is intended to stir emotions and keep us connected and we thank them (Kia Mihi) for their generosity. KIA KAHA is the perfect value for these COVID-19 challenges and in this song you will be invited to learn a couple of new words and values. The song invites us to KIA KAHA (Be Strong), kia māia (Be Steadfast) and kia manawanui (Be Willing).

Be aware of how this video makes you feel.

We really hope that it assists you to believe that our Strength, our Steadfastness, and our Willingness comes from God.