Iona College Results for 2018

Iona College Results for 2018

Iona College congratulates and honours all students from all schools who have worked hard to achieve results of which they can be proud. Our local area is blessed with schools who continue to provide wonderful educational opportunities for our local community and we wholeheartedly congratulate the communities at Lourdes Hill College, Moreton Bay Colleges, San Sisto College, Wynnum State High School, Loreto College and Brisbane Bayside State College for all that they have achieved.

Iona College continues to strive to provide an education that is truly based on the dignity of each person as expressed by Jesus Christ. Our Catholic College remains committed to non-selective entry, open to diversity, no external scholarships and accessible fees.

The commitment that Iona College makes with each student and family is for life and not limited to attaining a certain score or getting into a certain course. Every person’s dignity and value is not to be judged on the basis of a ranking score or a comparison between schools. Each and every one of our families would know the dedication and hard work that their sons have committed to their education. They would also know the sustained support offered by the teachers and staff of the College. The great joy for us is in knowing we are not a selective entry school or one that lures students via bursaries or scholarships. This joy means we have worked with the boys at whatever their level and challenged them to aspire to excellence. The results presented here can only ever tell part of the story of the commitment of our families, boys and staff.

Our Year 12 results have now been published by the QCAA. Our congratulations go to all of the 2018 cohort for their achievements overall. We also commend the students who graduated having successfully attained their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). This year’s graduation rate was 100% of students which pleases us greatly.

We hope all our students achieve their goals for 2019 and beyond, and in particular that they are either accepted into the course of their choice should they be applying for tertiary studies, or beginning the pathway of employment if that is their goal.

Iona College Year 12 Results for 2018:

In 2018, Iona College had 197 Year 12 students. Of these, 79% were OP eligible, while the state average is less than 50% OP eligible. This is important if attempting to compare published results with other schools.

28.2% achieved an OP 1-5 (improvement on 2017 and above our 10 year average).
58.3% achieved an OP 1-10 (above our 10 year average) (66.6% with equivalent VET and Diploma Options).
83.3% achieved an OP 1-15 (above our 10 year average) (87% with VET and Diploma).

Many of our students completed Certificate and Diploma courses which can provide them with career pathways and university entrance options.

Certificate I – 1
Certificate II – 23
Certificate III – 54
Diploma – 22

We are particularly pleased that this year we were able to combine the results above with other cultural achievements. These include:

• Record participation in peer tutoring
• Record generosity for OMAD, Rosies, Caritas and St Vincent de Paul
• Record involvement in Music
• Record involvement in Sport
• Record involvement in Community Service and Activities

I would like to take this opportunity in recognising all teachers, both Primary and Secondary who have contributed to the learning outcomes of our boys. Our Learning, Faith and Mission and Wellbeing teams have all made a sustained and positive contribution to the boys.

We are indeed blessed at Iona to have a staff who generously give of themselves, and the care and support that they offer our students is second to none.

We congratulate the parents and families of the boys and thank them for the incredible trust that they place in the College. We genuinely do appreciate the sacrifices you make in order to give your sons the opportunities that they receive.

We remain proud of all Iona graduating students, in all of the various pathways, and wish them every blessing in their futures. We congratulate them sincerely on the pathways that they have chosen and sincerely wish them all the best.

Iona College remains committed to being a non-selective entry school. We remain passionately supportive of students with disabilities and learning difficulties and helping all students find the right pathways. We remain committed to not offering external scholarships and to keeping our fees accessible to as many families as possible.

It is our sincere and genuine hope that our boys continue to use their God given talents and knowledge to make our global, local and parish communities a better place and not be a spectator of life. We hope to see them passionately standing up for the vulnerable and rejected and finding a way to continue to search for God’s love and meaning in their lives and the lives of those around them. We believe our boys have made a difference already to our community and we believe that they can, and will make a meaningful contribution going forward. While they may have entered Iona to learn, we clearly believe that they leave Iona in order to serve.

Yours sincerely,
Fr Michael Twigg OMI
College Rector