The Middle Years

Problem based learning is encouraged

Students in Years 7 and 8, study a broad curriculum. Similar to our primary model, teachers at Iona College foster strong relationships between with students and families.  Staff also facilitate a safe, supportive transition into secondary schooling, ensuring consistency in learning whilst establishing a strong sense of belonging.  Year 7 is a crucial year as students have entered a new, exciting and large environment.  Helping students engage and access this potential is a core role of the teaching team.

In Years 7 and 8, students use their laptops to ensure efficient, effective learning across all curriculum areas. Students use these devices with increasing complexity as they move through their time in education.  A focus on knowledge and understanding is replaced with research and critical thinking skills. Throughout this time, there is constant support regarding digital citizenship and safe practices. Hands on, problem-based learning is encouraged and technology is used as a tool to enhance creativity across a range of learning areas including robotics, visual art, science, music and industrial design and technology.

Year 7 Parent Information Presentation 2020