The Idea of North visit Iona

Thursday 9 March IPAC

The Idea of North visit Iona

Artists in Residence: The Idea of North

Australia’s best and most successful contemporary vocal group, The Idea of North team, consisting of musicians Naomi Crellin, Nick Begby, Andrew Piper, Trish Delaney-Brown and their sound technician Grant, engaged and challenged our boys to rethink their approach to the voice as an instrument capable of a whole variety of sounds and techniques. This collaborative opportunity for curriculum music students from Years 10, 11 and 12 to workshop with vocalists from the college ensembles, Ionian Voices and Iona Singers was a rewarding and valuable experience.

As Jeremy Stafford, our music captain, said, “this was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”. To witness six or seven individuals across Years 7 to 12, prepared to stand on stage with the quartet and take their turn on microphones to improvise a vocal solo in response to Trish’s lead demonstrated their strength of character, their keen attention to the artist/expert/leader, their willingness to have a go and give of their best.

The hours of preparation put in by Ms Madonna Forster and Iona’s vocal students paid off with the groups collaborating with The Idea of North in their evening concert. It was a stunning display of dedication and professionalism from all involved.

Thank you to everyone who had a part to play in this truly wonderful experience.