Father – Son Event

Thursday 22 February - 6:45pm for 7pm start Oblate Hall, Iona College

Father – Son Event

Time and Space for Stepping Up – A Father-Son Event

The inaugural Iona College Time & Space for Stepping Up session is for Years 8, 9 & 10 boys and their father or adult male mentor. It follows from the successful Mother-Son experience last year.

We would love you and your son to take part in what promises to be a special evening. Please come. The purpose of the night is to stop and acknowledge the journey both you and your son have made to arrive at this moment in his life. With the assistance of the Iona College community, you will be led through an engaging evening which involves both discussion groups and a significant ‘one-on-one’ time with your son is set aside.

We ask you to bring a treasured item or symbol that represents something about your relationship with your child.  A guide sheet is below. It is important that you both have something to share.

If a student’s father is not able to attend, a grandfather, uncle or other male mentor is welcome. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss inviting someone from your family/network who can be the ‘mentor’ for your son on the night.

Register:  http://bit.ly/ICB-2018 Fill in the details requested and click FINISH. You will know you are registered when you receive a confirmation email from Time & Space.

Enquiries:  racheldunstan@hotmail.com or Rachel Dunstan 0401 440 359

Bring a ‘Treasure’

 A central feature of our Father and Son night is a chance for you to bring along an item you treasure that tells a story about something you value from your life with your son.

The item that you choose could be one of the following…

  • A first outfit, a photo, a hospital bracelet.
  • When your son was born, you may have received a gift or card from someone special that you have kept.
  • An old report where a teacher made a comment about your son that made you proud.
  • A piece of work that you have kept… an essay, a poem, an artwork that your son did etc.
  • A photo of your son with a special person to you… maybe of someone who isn’t around anymore.
  • In the ensuing days, you may like to create a memento by bringing a collection of memories that you want to share with your son.
  • Perhaps you might want to write him a letter that shares your positive reflections on how you have seen him grow up.

To add a bit of mystique to the night… bring the item wrapped up and don’t unpack it until you get to the dedicated time with your son.