The new senior religious studies course is called “3:16” (formerly Catholic Studies) which refers to the scripture of John 3:16:  For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.  It is felt this particular passage encapsulates the Gospels.  With frequent references to this subject title and the passage over time, it is hoped students come to remember this essential teaching and carry it throughout their lives.

A key component of the Year 11 program involves experiential learning both at Iona and out in the wider community.  These experiences are deemed important for our young people as they learn to look beyond themselves and develop meaningful connections with others.  As in past years, groups will continue to visit Nazareth House and Pleasantville nursing homes, Manly and Wynnum State Schools for Prep reading and this year exciting new programs will be run with our Year 5s doing Maths Challenges and Year 6s participating in Literature Circles.  Rounding out Tuesday afternoon experiences are sessions on Positive Psychology and Growth Coaching which help to build on Christian approaches of giving thanks, forgiveness and care for our neighbours with links to the College’s new Visible Wellbeing focus.

Iona is one of only three schools in Brisbane authorised to trial this brand new subject which has been devised with our LEX partners, St Laurence’s and Padua. Together we have developed a range of units including Spirituality and Wellbeing, Servant Leadership and Ethics which incorporate teachings about Jesus, the Trinity, Incarnation and Liturgy amongst other core beliefs.

Last week the Year 11s received a tie badge showing their membership of this inaugural group.  As we continue in this trial phase, we hope and pray that this is just the start of a new approach to meaningful and engaging religious education for our senior students.