2019 Year 12 Results

2019 Year 12 Results

The 2019 Iona graduates have achieved excellent results after their hard work and effort. Of the 140 students in Year 12, 79% of the cohort pursued an OP pathway. The State average for OP Pathway students was 49%.  78 VET qualifications were awarded and 14 students undertook a school based apprenticeship.  OP results for 2019 are as follows:

 OP 1 to 5 – 24%

OP 1 to 10 – 57%

OP 1 to 15 – 88%

5 students achieved an OP1.  1% of all OP1s awarded across Queensland in 2019.

All members of the Iona community should feel proud of these results, particularly parents, the Oblates, staff, the Iona College Board, primary schools, fellow students and most particularly the boys themselves. The 2019 outcomes help to demonstrate the diverse and inclusive nature of Iona and its commitment to supporting individuals on their chosen pathway.

 Whilst the scores, numbers and outcomes open excellent pathways for our students, we remember that their individual growth, development and character is worth more than just a number or an academic result.  An Iona Catholic education sees these results realised alongside our students’ commitments to community outreach, faith and mission, wellbeing, music, sport, co-curricula and learning and teaching. Each Ionian’s God given dignity and talents are nurtured by many in our community and they should join us in celebrating the young men of the 2019 graduating class.

We are immensely proud of all their achievements and development into young men. We wish them all the best into the future. They have entered Iona to learn and through their growth and with these outcomes will continue to find ways that embolden them to leave to serve.