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Iona College, 85 North Road, Lindum Qld 4178

Iona is located in Lindum and is accessible from Wynnum Road (via Kianawah Road). From Wynnum North, Sandy Camp Road leads to the College.
The College is on the Cleveland Trainline (Lindum Station). An access pathway from Lindum Station is provided into the College grounds. The property is bounded by North Road and Sandy Camp Road. The College Main Driveway and Administration are accessed from North Road.

Welcome to Iona

Rail Travel

Iona College is adjacent to Lindum Railway Station, which is on the Cleveland Trainline.  An access pathway from Lindum Station is provided into the College grounds.

Queensland Rail offer specially discounted tickets for primary and secondary school students travelling to and from school. School Rail Passes may cover single or return travel for either a semester or a whole year. To take advantage of the discounted fare, collect an application form from your nearest attended Queensland Rail station.

Please note that all students are required to be in possession of a valid ticket for their journey prior to boarding a train, unless the departure station is unattended and the Ticket Vending Machine is inoperable.

Translink train timetable information 


Bus Travel

Bus Service 815

Bus Service 819

(This is a guide only.  Please contact TransLink for further bus route information.)

Students holding current valid Transdev bus passes in Year 5 or Years 7 to 11 will automatically receive new passes at the start of the 2017 school year.

For new bus pass applications, parents will need to fill in and complete the Bus Travel Assistance Form or Safety Net Travel Assistance Form (if they do not meet the distance requirement and hold a current Health Care or Pension card from Centrelink).

If students are moving from primary to secondary in the next school year or any of their details have changed, they will need to complete the Bus Travel Assistance Form or Safety Net Travel Assistance Form also.  The change of details includes change of school, change of home address, change of frequency of travel or change of guardian.  Please refer to Transdev website for more details.

Bus Travel Assistance Application

Bus Travel Assistance Safety-Net Application

To ensure all new passes are available for the commencement of the 2017 school year, please submit forms as early as possible.

Any queries should be directed to or 07 3248 6100.

Bicycle Travel

Students who ride bicycles to the College are reminded of the current law in respect to the wearing of safety helmets.  A secure area is available at the College for bicycles.  Bikes must be placed in this area immediately on arrival at school. The area is then locked for the day.

  1. Be patient. Please. Impatience is the root cause of most traffic accidents.
  2. Do not park within 10 metres either side of any of the College’s entrances. Do not let your car be the one from behind which a child ran out or which blocks the vision of a driver.
  3. Use the marked area between Davine and McCarthy ovals for drop-off and pick-up purposes between 7.30am and 3.45pm.
  4. Please wait in line until reaching the yellow markings and allow your sons to enter/exit vehicles ONLY when you are parked within this appointed area.
  5. Move as far forward in the drop off zone as possible even if it means an extra 10 metres walk for your son (it will do him good).
  6. Ask your son to enter/exit from the left-hand side of the vehicle.
  7. Please do not get out of the car when you pick your son up or drop him off as this slows the traffic considerably and makes others impatient.
  1. Pick your son up after 3.25pm – the queue always moves freely after this time. Your son can study in the library, read or play with friends while he waits. (The queue always moves freely for drop-off in the morning).
  2. Use the pick-up/drop-off zone in Lindum Station car park. The students can walk along the College path to the station to get there. I have seen some other parents do this and it seems effective and safe.
  3. Pick your son up in Euston Street.
  4. If coming in the main drive, the lower grass car-park areas may be used to pick-up/drop-off your son.
  5. The bus turn around may be used to drop students off in the morning but may not be used for pick-ups before 3.45pm
  6. Pick your son up and drop him off on North Road or Sandy Camp Road only ON THE SCHOOL SIDE OF THE ROAD.
  1. Parking your car on the side of the road opposite the school (unless you get out of your car and meet your son on the College side of the road).
  2. Picking your son up on Bulgin Avenue. The Bulgin Avenue entrance to the College is the natural exit for students who walk home to Wynnum North, and parking there puts them at risk (as well as you), clogs up the traffic (making others impatient) and annoys our neighbours.
  3. Using under IPAC, outside the main office or outside the Chapel as points for drop-off or pick-up after 7.30am and before 3.45pm. There are too many students moving there during this time.

The making of Ionians

Every Ionian makes individual and personal contributions to the life of the college, and leaves prepared to take their place in the world. Enter to learn and leave to serve.
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Faith and Mission

Iona College takes seriously the Gospel imperative to care for those in need.
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