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Student Pick Up Zones

Picking up and Dropping Off Students at Iona College

Having our students arrive and go home safely every day is an absolute priority.

- Students are not to cross roads to be picked up.

- The College expects that the restrictions marked on the map provided will be adhered to.

- Parents are not permitted to drive under IPAC or in front of the Chapel between 7:45am and 3:45pm.

The peak time for pick-ups passes very quickly.  If you are able to pick your son up after 3:25pm, the traffic moves very well and you will experience only slight delays.

I am aware that often grandparents help out with transport and that they need to receive this information also.  Could I ask that you give them a copy of the map and talk with them about pick-up safety, please?

I thank you, our parents, who are overwhelmingly conscientious, patient, careful and cheerful at drop-off and pick-up times.  Your contribution is vital and very much appreciated.

Map of Pick Up Locations and Parking Locations