Speech & Performance

Participation develops cooperation, communication and confidence.

Building self esteem, public presence and enhancing connectedness to their peers, are essential to growing grounded, successful young men.


Public Speaking is aimed at helping students develop skills such as communication, leadership and confidence through participating in a range of local, state, national and international competitions.

Debating is a structured method of presenting a point of view developing lifelong skills which include effective teamwork, focused research, critical analysis, case structuring, purposeful rebutting and general public speaking ability. It is an area of learning which encourages intellectual exchange and allows students to develop confidence and creativity.  Boys across year 8—12 participate in debating at Iona and are coached on a weekly basis.

Drama continues to flourish at Iona.  The quality productions are testament to the immense enthusiasm of the guiding production staff and depth of talent among our students. The College encourages participation from boys in all year levels and of all levels of ability, including areas of visual design, front of house and promotional and technical production.  Sound guidance in these areas is given by experienced and knowledgeable staff and old boys.

Speech and communication develops good and effective communicators.   Iona recognises the vital importance of developing this skill and offers students the opportunity to participate in our highly respected Speech and Communication program. In this developmental program, the students learn how to successfully approach their school-based spoken assessment tasks, while developing the communication skills they will ultimately require in life beyond school and the workplace.  Overall, the program nurtures young men who can speak with confidence, conviction and clarity.The Speech and Communication program is open to all students (years 5-12).  The students attend weekly lessons during school time.  They can elect to be tutored either individually or as part of a small group.